Friday December 1st, 2023
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Your Kid's Doodles Can Win You a Trip to Disney with McDonald's: Here's How

And it's all to celebrate the fast-food giant's 25th anniversary in Egypt.

Staff Writer

The McDonald’s brand has been firmly rooted in Egypt for the past 25 years.  With the ‘Mac’ heritage continuing to be passed down to every coming generation. For years, Egyptians have treated McDonald’s like a second home, celebrating their milestones with a Big Tasty in hand - be it a birthday when we were kids (who hasn’t been in their playlands, right?) or a meal with our friends at anytime of the day. And we mean anytime of day.

Fret no more, your kids won’t be having to doodle on your walls with McDonald’s newest competition. As of TODAY, every kid will be given a white Happy Meal box to release their inner Picassos and Kahlos onto and submit to the nearest branch until the 31st of August - it's all to celebrate McDonald's being in Egypt for 25 years.

After the best drawings are shortlisted by a panel of professional artists, FIVE winners, accompanied by one parent will be chosen to go to - wait for it - EURODISNEY! 

But wait, there’s more. The drawings will be printed on the Happy Meal box, with the winners set to be announced in September and Parisian prize trip taking place in October.

Ola Roshdy, an icon and inspiration to mothers across Egypt, has been chosen as the face of the campaign, and will also be one of the judges of the panel. The white boxes are available in all the branches; you submit to the nearest McDonald’s branch.

Get eating and get drawing!