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Your Sahel Stay Can Now Pay For Itself With Orcas' Babysitting and Tutoring Jobs

Orcas are expanding their part-time babysitting and language tutoring services to Sahel this year.

In the age where rate of inflation is only matched by rise in number of things we want to buy, it will only help if we can pick up extra cash here and there while not necessarily having to give up on spending our summers in Sahel, and Orcas knows this very well.

Launched in 2011 in Cairo, Orcas is now expanding their babysitting, language tutoring, and story telling services to include Egypt's North Coast, enabling Sahel's youth to work their way through the summer with flexible and well-paid summer jobs, away from the dust and heat of our metropolis."We simply connect the service seekers to those willing to provide, and we take measures to ensure our service providers our trust-worthy and professional. Since we announced the launch of our services in Sahel, we got over 700 new applicants," says Orcas' content manager Sherifa El-Awa.

Tired of having to give up on your summer fantasies? You possess immense passion for taking care of children and/or sharing your language expertise? Apply to Orcas here.

Photo: Top 10 Cairo