Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Youssra's New Show 'Kalam 3an El Hob' is Coming Out on January 31st

Superstar Youssra is coming out with a new show at the end of January, and it's all about love.

Cairo Scene

Let's talk about love, love, love. Actress, singer and absolute icon Youssra has been out of control in the best possible way lately, making theatrical comebacks while working on a slew of television projects. Her unstoppable run continues this January, when her new programme 'Kalam 3an El Hob' will premiere on MBC1.

The Arabic TV show is about one thing and one thing only: love. Stories about love, discussions about love, maybe even debates about love. If it's got anything to do with affection, connection and all sorts of relations, Youssra wants to talk about it. And just a couple weeks before Valentine's Day, too.

'Kalam 3an El Hob' will be shown at 9PM on Monday, January 31st.