Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Youth to Tackle Climate Change at UN’s COY17 in Sharm El Sheikh

COY is part of the UN’s vision to represent climate-conscious youth ahead of COP, with thousands participating every year.

Cairo Scene

In 2005, the United Nations launched COY, the Climate Change Conference for Youth, as a yearly pre-COP event featuring young climate advocates, artists, and entrepreneurs to amplify their voices and help them lead the charge against climate change. This year, thousands of young environmentalists from over 140 countries will converge in Sharm El Sheikh’s Olympic Village between November 2nd and November 4th to exchange ideas as part of COY17.

With over 20 workshops, 12 panel discussions, and six activities, young attendees - particularly those from Africa and the Global South - will engage field leaders and scholars in discussions around systemic change in relation to climate adaptation, justice, and access to energy. A myriad of debates will be held surrounding the roles of tech, art, literature, and other aspects of the creative economy in making a tangible difference in climate change.