Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Open up Your Heart and Help Us Box Some Food with Al Joud

Ramadan’s almost coming to a close, and these last few days are perfect for paying kindness forward.

Staff Writer

We’re not going to speak for everybody, but to us, nothing quite compares to the kind of happiness and fulfillment you feel when you help out your fellow man, especially if they’re incapable of helping themselves. Charity, for all intents and purposes, should never be a challenge or a competition; folks should just be able to get together, without a care about anything materialistic, pull up their sleeves and do what they can to brighten up somebody’s day, and thanks to the tireless efforts of Al Joud Foundation, we as well as a bunch of folks are going boxing this Sunday, and it isn’t the painful kind either.

This coming Sunday at 3 PM, Al Joud – a Non-Government/Profit Organisation – in cooperation with Li Baladna, 180 Degrees, Kheir Navigator and our very own MO4 Good will be heading to Zamalek’s Dar El Tarbeya School Campus to pack 3,000 boxes of much-needed food for those in need. Although we’ll have a fair bit of hands on deck to help, we could all definitely use yours as well. If you fancy yourself a philanthropist, a do-gooder, or if you just have some time on your hands and feel like painting smiles on a whole lot of faces, come help us prepare as many boxes as you can for a good cause. There are no limitations, restrictions or strings attached; whether you’re a child, an adult, a fridge with hands or even a cat, you can come and help out, have fun, meet new folks and feed even more.

Feel like signing up? Of course you do, all you have to do is call 16441 to figure out more details, register (if you want, you don’t have to) or just show up at Dar El Tarbeya at 3 PM this Sunday with as many folks as you want. Also, consider paying a visit to A Joud’s Facebook page for more info and updates on how you can help those in need.