Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Alexandria's Transportation is Going to Get a Lot Cooler this Summer

Alexandria is about to have the most advanced trams in Egypt.

Staff Writer

Egypt is about to import 15 air-conditioned trams for 17$ million. The long awaited and sorely needed replacement of the Alexandrian tram cars will make any Cairene who takes the metro daily instantly jealous; it has Wi-Fi.  Not only will these new tram cars improve congestion and pollution, but also let you finish that last minute assignment before school. Only a few of the world's metro lines have Wi-Fi in the cars themselves.

A technical committee will be travelling to Ukraine in the beginning of May to give the final approval before the tram cars are sent to Egypt. The new  cars will be electric and will be able to travel up to 140 Kilometers per hour, serving 28 stations. The railroad that the tram will travel on has also been renovated by the National Authority for Tunnels so that the tram will enter tunnels or bridges at crossroads, instead of having to constantly fight all that traffic.  The modernization of Alexandria's metro line is part of the broader plan to develop railway networks across the nation.

Hopefully by the end of May the parking lot that the Cornish in Alexandria can become will cease to exist or at least be a little less gridlocked, and people will be able to seek shelter from the sweltering heat in these new high-tech tram cars and get to where you have to go in style. Welcome to the 21st century, Alex.

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