Friday March 31st, 2023
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Here's How Egypt Can Combat Cheating In Thanaweya Amma Exams

Instead of having just the students suffer, the whole country can now (forcibly) sympathise.

Staff Writer

It’s the same spiel every year; Thanaweya Amma exams get leaked, students devise masterful ways to cheat the square root of four, and what ensues is the rapid decay of all forms of education and, in turn, employment. Whether you try to catch Shao Ming or make a dozen faux copies of the exams, it always goes downhill. So in an effort to not have any of that monkey business, Algeria decided to spread the misery of exam time to everybody in the country (it’s only fair) by disconnecting the entire country’s internet for an hour a day.

Yes, our more French-speaking friendos across the… sand saw it fit to pull the plug on the whole country’s internet for the hour after starting the national high school graduation exams. In addition, they’ve also blocked Facebook for the entire duration of the exams. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve installed surveillance cameras and mobile phone jammers at the presses that handle the exams, making sure that everything stays in the dark from press to pen. “We should not passively stand in front of such a possible leak,” said Algerian Minister of Education Nouria Benghabrit to the BBC on the matter, and though it may have been a massive setback (read: minor annoyance) to your already violated (read: fully graduated) Algerian, it ends today, the 25th of June.

The downtimes on some days were a bit more than just an hour, and obviously, a lot of businesses ended up losing a lot of progress (and money). Regardless, the Algerian government spares no expense on their exams. Maybe we should take a page out of their book instead of going through the same garbage every year. Might even be good to go outside for an hour and smell the sun.

Main image from Syrian Network for Human Rights.