Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Amro El Meligy’s Newest Track is an Honest Depiction of Abandonment

In a time where dudes getting over their exes has them walking along the Nile for no reason, this man shows you what it’s really like.

Staff Writer

Here at Cairoscene, we pride ourselves for our innate ability to point out the obvious in fancy words that most would have to google (we do that more than you do), so when we say that most Egyptian music tends to go down the same vein throughout the years (love lost, love gained, lost again somewhere), you can’t fault us. So when we lay eyes and ears on Amro EL Meligy’s newest music video for his track “Hobo Mahabeneesh,” or “His Love Didn’t Love Me,” we took a more objective look at it than to just quickly dismiss as another drop in a sea of pure, unfiltered disappointment.

The video sees Amro’s heartbroken lead reminisce about all the fun, happy times he’s had with his former lover, who we’ll refer to as “Weleya.” They share all manner of cheerful memories; like doing their makeup, buying each other unprofessionally-wrapped gifts, feeding each other treats and even getting ice cream, which isn’t something you do for any passing fancy. Sadly, all things come to an end, and we see their violent fall from grace.

Here’s the thing though; this guy is seen visibly deteriorating, tearing at the seams and resorting to very human methods of escapism, like smoking, singing in front of a camera and drinking real alcohol (a first in any Egyptian music video). He even goes so far as to shave his head, which we’d like to think is the world’s most impressive use of CGI, or a very, very brave man. These simple, yet unseen gestures are what each and every one of us goes through (and far more embarrassing moments), but you never get to see them in a video intended for the public, so kudos to you, Amro. The video also happens to be Hershy the dog’s video debut, which is massive news.

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