Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Wax Tablet Showing Homework from 2nd Century Egypt to Go on Display for First Time in UK

It will finally see the light of day after four decades in storage.

Staff Writer

After four decades in storage, an Ancient Egyptian wax tablet is soon to go on display at the British Library. The iPad-sized tablet displays a child's Greek homework from the second century AD, by which time Egypt had established a comprehensive education system.

According to the Daily Mail, the ancient tablet contains examples of handwriting and spelling exercises, as well as mathematics. It will be part of the British Library's 'Writing: Making Your Mark' exhibition, which is set to run from April 26th through to August 27th, 2019.

The tablet is believed to have belonged to a child who's eight or nine years old, according to the Telegraph, and a stylus with a pointed end is believed to have been used to write on it. The stylus also had a flat end which could be heated up to erase mistakes from the tablet by melting them.

The surviving text reads: "You should accept advice only from a wise man," a quote the young child is believed to have been copying out onto the tablet.

"That takes your breath away," said chief executive of the British Library, Roly Keating. "You can see a child's attempt at Greek from 1,800 years ago.'

The rare piece will go in display among 100 other artifacts from five continents, with the exhibition's goal to showcase how mankind came to invent and embrace writing.

Photo: Press Association