Friday 9 of December, 2022
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This ‘Astronomical’ New Egyptian Jewellery Collection Looks to Geometry for Inspiration

Aurum brings new meaning to geek-chic.

Staff Writer

At some point in our tumultuous teen years, we’ve all sat in class listening to the laws of Algebra, wondering what on earth the point of this Pythagorean Theorem malarkey is. For Nancie Sultan, however, paying attention in geometry class has combined with a sense of curiosity and a creative mind to produce Defying Gravity – the first collection from her new jewellery brand, Aurum.

Defying Gravity is a combination of geometry and astrology,” she told CairoScene. “I’m really into both.  So, the galactic earrings are inspired by astronomy – they were actually inspired by an astronomy sketch I have hung on my bedroom wall. A piece of the sketch looks exactly like the earrings,” she explains.

More than just taking visual cues into her designs, Sultan keeps the laws, philosophies and theories of her two sources of inspiration in mind.

“Astronomy sketches come off as super chaotic but in reality, they're balanced and there’s a theory behind every single piece of the sketch.”

What this all amounts to is a collection that might look minimalist in design, but one that packs plenty of meaning from someone who has always had artistic inclinations.

“I was always really into designing and I’d experimented with different mediums within several fields,” she explains of her pursuit for catharsis. “So I dabbled with photography, art and even cooking for bit. I was trying to find my calling and I found it in designing jewellery.”

Within that calling, Sultan’s approach is actually fairly simple in being based on her personal taste and her awareness of the market.

"I've always had a thing for jewellery – I have a big jewellery collection,” she says unapologetically. “I find random things whenever I travel. Sometimes, I’d want to wear something specific, but I wouldn’t find it anywhere, so eventually I thought to myself, why don’t I just design it myself?"

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