Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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This New Tagamoa' Compound Promises Enough Greenery to Cleanse Your Soul

Leave the exhaust behind and put your roots down at New Cairo’s premier clean & green residential community.

Staff Writer

When was the last time you were somewhere green? Like legit green? Grass, trees, bushes, all that magical flora you see in Disney movies, you don’t see it often enough around these parts, not unless you go to a park or an actual garden, and even then you can’t live there (not legally anyway). What are you to do with your inner wood elf? The one that yearns for greener pastures, cleaner air and serene tranquility? Look no further than Azadir: Oriental for Urban Development’s newest little slice of nature deep in the heart of New Cairo.

We’re not in the business of being too subjective, but It’s safe to say that the grand majority of residential compounds and living solutions in general tend to all look the same. Azadir, however, prides itself for being a truly different spin on an archaic formula; with a key emphasis on contemporary architecture, inspired by beautifully decorative oriental motifs, using only the most authentic woodwork that brings out the kind of architectural and aesthetic aspects of oriental design. Azadir is 69,550 square metres of lush greenery, calm surroundings and all manner of indoor and outdoor amenities for each and every home. 


Azadir offers a plethora of venues for friends and family alike; Folks can pay a visit to the clubhouse for a nice get-together withing the lush greenery, or a dip in the pool for those hot summer days, swing by U Bistro & Bar for a world-class scenic Mediterranean meal and drinks, grab an expertly-blended drink or two as well as a decadent bite to eat from the venerable culinary expertise of Amici at the pool lounge, catch a stellar performance from all sorts of local artists at the Plateau, and if you’re the athletic type, get yourself over to the outdoor gym for a fresh, open air workout among the flora and fauna. Of course, no community is complete without a commercial hub, and Azadir's commercial complex is every homeowner's shopping haven; complete with a variety of shops, markets and pharmacies for all your day-to-day needs.

Apart from being a gorgeous locale to rest your weary life, Azadir is a testament to the kind of sustainability that forms the foundation of what it’s all about; with solar panels liberally doled out to power as much as can be, and a fully functional water treatment station set up to reuse irrigation water. With a strategically convenient location close to the AUC, Point 90 Mall and the Ring Road, and an almost roadless layout to keep your little ones safe, Azadir is surely your hearth and homestead to be.