Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Azha's Waterfront Luxury Residential Resort Offers a Lifestyle in a Class of its Own

They bring the beach right to your doorstep.

Staff Writer


Places like Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are great, but who really wants to drive up to 5 hours or more just to breathe a little clean air?

Thankfully, Ain El Sokhna is just one hour away, so forget about those long car rides after a long day at work on Thursday evening. That ain’t the Azha lifestyle.

The unrivaled Azha lifestyle promises a swimmable lagoon, hotels, signature restaurants, the private Club M beach club, community centers, a clubhouse, twin houses, apartment complexes and eye-opening residential villas and even shops! The waterfront stretches a total of 700 meters, so you can be sure to be concealed from prying eyes if that’s what you’re looking for. But all in all, in simple words, the skillfully-crafted Azha lifestyle promotes feeling at home in a relaxed atmosphere for all, from the little tykes to older people, ultimately providing a canvas to paint memories that you will take with you to the grave.

Azha is absolutely massive though, and this is only scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Pavo, on the other hand, is a development of spacious apartments that really put a focus on design. Their swimmable lagoons are right at your doorstep, allowing you have to have a dip for breakfast with your tea and croissant (or is it foul and ta3meya).The unparalleled Pavo vibes, from the pleasing walkway at the front entrance to the lagoon waters will have you forgetting about the loud microbuses, dirty streets, and regular (or is it never ending?) car honks in Cairo.

Finally, last but surely not least, Tucana, another residential spotin Azha perfectly embodies a “dream villa”, and though this sounds like a major exaggeration, the photos will surely do them justice. Designed by British Barton Willmore, The UK's leading independent integrated planning and design consultancy, Tucana also offers vast water spaces right at your doorstep, with breathtaking private beaches that will have you feeling like you discovered a new, secluded island with waters so clear you can basically snorkel without a mask.

When launching a party, setting and atmosphere are surely two very important things to keep in mind – and with Club M’s exclusive season opening party, these two factors are more than taken into account. Club M, located in the heart of Azha compound in Ain Sokhna, is a scenic, pleasant all-encompassing premium beach club that’ll have you feeling like you’re on a movie set in the beaches of the Caribbean (minus the pirates). You won't want to miss partying in such a scenic environment.

Club M is special in that it serves every mood – you can indulge in one of their many cocktail concoctions by the beautiful patio overlooking a stunning beach view, but if you'd like to grab a bite or just get some colour on the beach, Club M and its vibrant ambiance is the place to be. You can even get married there – making that special day of yours even more special in an environment that is sure to get your blood pressure down after a week of stress in the big city. Also, as the club is only open to members, service is quick and there are no infuriating crowds that you might see in other, less secluded beaches. Most importantly, though, Madaar Developments have created something that's absolutely gorgeous. Don't forget to take photos to make your friends far away rage with jealousy. 

It has to be said though - hats off to Madaar Development, who have really taken the Egyptian real estate industry by storm, creating a high profile quality of life with the finest residential and commercial properties available.  

When you live in Cairo, it’s always good to have a spot to call your own away from the city to get some well deserved serenity. – and Azha in Ain Sokhna will have you feeling far, far away from Cairo’s polluted, noisy atmosphere. Azha is surely a world if its own, and if you’re worried about the season, dry your eyes, because at Azha, it’s always Summer.

Main image from Azha Ain Sokhna on Facebook

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