Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Al Azhar University Professor Suspended for Forcing Students to Strip

A video of the surreal incident has gone viral and incited fury over social media.

Staff Writer
Al Azhar University has suspended one of its faculty members for what it has called 'committing acts of indecency' among class students, as reported by Ahkbarak.

The Faith and Ethics teacher ordered his students to take off their trousers and underpants, with a video of the act incident quickly went viral and stirred fury on social media platforms.

Commenting on the incident, the teacher justified his action on his Facebook page, saying he was only trying to play “the role of the devil” to test the morals and faith of his students.

The university not only suspended the teacher, but also the students in question, the Dean of the College, the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and the Head of the Department.

Main Image from Wikimedia Commons