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Bose Opens Second Branch in Egypt, Audiophiles Go Wild

Time to elevate your listening experience to the next level.

Bose Egypt, Cairo Festival City

We live at a time where the quality of sound plays a fundamental role in how we experience our media, be it TV, Youtube, Spotify, Netflix, you name it - audio is all around us and it's being circulated and delivered in qualities higher than ever, a luxury that wasn't accessible to those before us. That being said, it's only fair that one must use audio equipment that's intricately designed to deliver the ultimate listening experience, whether its your favorite bop or your favorite movie, you deserve to listen to it in high fidelity and crystal clear quality.

Bose Egypt are here to bring this reality closer than ever. The international audio technology giant has been a pioneer in the field of acoustics and sound design, engineering its product design based on cutting edge psycho-acoustic research that not only reveals how sound propagates but rather how we psychologically perceive the propagated sound which can strongly affect the way a speaker or a headphone or a sound-system is designed, this field of research truly aims to deliver the best scientifically proven means of experiencing sound, and that kind of research goes into every single Bose product, truly placing the sonic quality of Bose Sound Systems in a realm of their own. A realm that you can now get to experience and enjoy! The brand rand is bringing you its second official Bose store in Egypt, boasting a premium, slickly-designed space located on the third level of Cairo Festival City Mall. 

A sonic haven for all you audiophiles, the Bose store offers a diverse collection of pristine audio systems and home audio solutions for indoor and outdoor areas. You can find what your ears desire: anything from wireless Bluetooth headphones and speakers, to noise-cancelling headphones and ergonomic sports headphones, to 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater Systems - guaranteed to make your movie nights next level, bringing about a completely immersive experience of sound. Just imagine Netflix and Chill with that baby.

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