Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Get your Boogy On And Keep Your Heart Pumping With Brass Monkeys

Your exercise routine now has an extra dose of funk thanks to the monkeys over at Egypt's newest fitness & dance studio.

Staff Writer

Ever seen Footloose? Dirty Dancing? Maybe you're not as old as we are and you know Step Up better? In any of these gems, letting loose and moving your body to the rhythm is what it's all about. Everybody loves to dance (don't deny it), but not everybody enjoys staying fit. So in an effort to put those two funky aspects together, and build a happy little hub where folks can come together to share a passion for movement, finesse, fitness, the breakdancing bananas behind Brass Monkeys are giving you just the right platform.

Though there aren’t any actual monkeys involved (unfortunately), Brass Monkeys is an energetic Cairo-based fitness and dance studio that brings more to the table (or floor) than you can shake a tap shoe at; offering a wide array of top-tier energetic dance courses for both professional and amateur, with some of the best instructors around town. Whether you fancy yourself a Salsa Superstar, a breakdancing machine, a belly dance enthusiast or a jazz-funk junkie, Brass Monkeys has you covered. Obviously, no studio such as this would be complete without a pole; Brass Monkeys offer professional pole dancing classes, aerial ballet and much more for all ages - even your little ones can get in on the fun.

When it comes to fitness, however, the Monkeys’ will be quick to direct you to Les Mills; a now world-renowned, high-intensity aerobic exercise phenomenon that has its roots in Auckland, New Zealand way back in the 60’s. Built around the principle of music as a motivator, Les Mills comprises intuitively choreographed workouts set to today’s smash hits - it’s like attending a concert, but with a lot more physicality (and a lot more fun).

Did we forget to mention Brass Monkeys just turned a whole one-year old this Friday? Not only did they host a dazzlingly awesome line up of some of the best dance routines and workouts in our busy little Egypt, they've also been visited (and adored) by some of Cairo’s more prominent public figures; the likes of Layla Ghaleb, Ramy DJunkie, Mahmoud Shokry, Khadiga el Arkan, and Nada Porsche just to name a few. It's been a wonderful first year for the happy little creative hub, and here's to many more years of going bananas.

So if you feel like getting in shape, learning a dance or two and actually enjoying your exercise routine, pay Brass Monkeys a virtual visit on their Facebook Page, and (hopefully) an actual visit in either of their two current locations; directly in front of Waterway in the 5th Settlement or at Katameya Hills Club 7.