Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Forget Waxing: This New Wireless and Waterproof Epilator Will Save Your Summer

These pocket-sized gadgets are the perfect tools for you busy bees trying to keep up with your smooth skin needs.

Staff Writer

As a millennial, life tends to get pretty hectic; what with the parties we have to go to, our sunny vacations at the North Coast, work, car rides, traffic, family... the list goes on. There’s barely enough time to take care of our skin's health, and many of us end up opting out for the dreadful visits to the salon to get a long and painful waxing session.

Braun’s inventive products, however, have added a seamlessly easy touch to our summers. The pocket-size, wireless gadgets – Braun Face and Silk-epil9 – are their latest releases, and make shaving a fluidly fast and perfectly painless experience. The epilators also work as exfoliators, which will grant your skin a lovingly soft massage, as well as a lasting good impression. 

And by lasting, we mean four-weeks lasting. The Braun Face, as the name gives away, is specifically designed for facial use; the quirky little gadget plucks facial hair from the roots, cleaning your pores in the process for that all-natural glow. The microblades can expertly target those fine little hairs on your visage, thanks to the Face's meticulous design and nifty functions. On-point upper lip hair, fleek eyebrows, sleek sideburns - you can have it all with the extra-fine mechanics of this tool, leaving you with a face as soft and plump as a peach.

The Braun Silk Epil9 has a wider, pivotal head, making the experience of shaving a much smoother and more enjoyable routine. This machine is made to accommodate any skin type, and it'll (gladly) help you reach every nook, cranny and curve you need to get. No longer are the days in which you have to bend over backwards trying to stretch your face far enough to get that single strand of hair on the back of your knee.

Braun's gadgets are water-proof, meaning they can easily be included in your shower routine (finally!), essentially making summers anxiety-free forever.

While body hair is not something to be ashamed of, we have to admit that the feeling of silky smooth legs is one of those finer things in life that women are privileged to practice freely.

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