Friday 3 of February, 2023
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British Ambassador to Egypt Bids Farewell After Positive Four-Year Term

The end to an Egyptian/British romance.

Staff Writer

Light-hearted Englishman and all-round spiffy guy John Casson is finally saying goodbye to Om el Donya after a four-year term as British ambassador to Egypt, according to Egypt Independent.

John Casson truly took pride in his role, and left a positive mark on the country; he was conversational in colloquial Egyptian Arabic, loved local traditional food, and often engaged in discussions with people on Twitter under the hashtag #askElsafirJohn, with his account garnering over 1 million followers.

“Of course I’ll miss many things in Egypt. I loved walking down Cairo streets such as Bab Alwazir and Hussein, and will miss Egyptian local food (especially Fatatry Al-Hussien), but the thing I’ll miss the most is people’s warm hospitality”, he said, on Twitter. Aww. Blushes all around. “Being the Ambassador was the best experience in my life. I have always tried to listen to the Egyptians, learn from them, and work for them. I am proud that Britain is Egypt’s first partner in economy, not only in mega-projects, because every Egyptian benefits from growth in jobs and education”, he added.

Aside from serious matters such as the economy, Casson often joked with Egyptian celebrities like Mo Salah, and posted about achievements in sports, such as our amazing accomplishments in squash.

He encourages the United Kingdom to strengthen its partnership with Egypt, and stated that Egypt “is made very rich by its people”. Farewell, Mr.Casson, you will be greatly missed.

Main image from The Sun