Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Egypt's Top Bullion Bank Has Released One-of-a-Kind Gold & Silver Coins for the World Cup

Egypt are gunning for their first ever World Cup win and BTC have dropped some commemorative bling!

Staff Writer

It's almost over, folks. 28 years of hurt are coming to a close on Friday 15th June, as Egypt play their first World Cup game in almost three decades. With Mo Salah and co. raring to go, save for one particular niggling shoulder injury, football fever is at an all-time high and even the most casual of fans can't help but be swept up by the hubbub of it all.

Such a grand occasion requires, nay, DEMANDS a fitting commemoration, leading bullion trading and gold refining company, BTC, has stepped forward with some rather fetching memorabilia to celebrate this most momentous of occasions.


A brilliant little idea for souvenirs, gifts, corporate giveaways (that one's aimed at our bosses) and, well, just sound investment in a gold market that's always on the rise, BTC has released special edition coins and bars in both gold and silver, with the coin featuring one side of the globe - not unlike a World Cup winner's medal - and the bar being shaped and engraved on one side with a football pitch.

The gold coin measures in at a neat 8gms with purity of 21 karats, while the heavier bar weighs in at an impressive 31gms and sits at 24 karat purity. The silver versions, meanwhile, both weigh the same as their gold counterparts, sitting at a purity grade of 999.


For those that aren't  in the precious metals trade, what these bamboozling numbers mean is that these are, on top of being one-of-a-kind, are also rather fancy and quite valuable - but what value can you really put on the football-induced happiness of 100 million Egyptians, right? We might have to wait another 28 years to get to another one!


But BTC have another reason to celebrate, having launched a brand new website - that you can check out here.

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