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Cadbury Celebrates Egypt’s Unsung Heroes During Corona Crisis

We've seen plenty of gestures of goodwill during the COVID-19 lockdown, but Cadbury Egypt is celebrating those taking the matter in their own hands.

Cadbury Celebrates Egypt’s Unsung Heroes During Corona Crisis

We’ve seen so many unexpected gestures of goodwill over the past few weeks, as the whole of Egypt comes to grips with the Corona crisis. With so many lives essentially put on hold and, more urgently, put at risk, one would understand if spirits were low around the country.

What has happened, however, is quite the contrary. Egyptians aren’t in despair and they’re putting up a fight in this most difficult of time – and when we say Egyptians, we’re not just talking about medical institutions and charities, we’re talking about individuals that are simply helping out of the goodness of their hearts.

It’s these people that Cadbury Dairy Milk is celebrating as part of its huge, year-long campaign as a way to not only salute them, but to help ignite an even bigger wave of good deeds from all – because a crisis like this needs everyone to be pushing in the same direction.

Carrying the tagline, ‘The goodness is in you…keep going’, the campaign was launched in 2019 and has been expanded in light of the Corona pandemic with a touching video highlighting just a few of the instances that has seen Egyptians have gone above and beyond to help others; the teacher, Mostafa Solaiman ‎, that went to great lengths to continue educating students online; the troupe of young guys who hit the street to hand out medical masks and Alexandrian, Osama Mahdy, offering to run errands for the North Coast town’s elderly.

These are just a few examples of the good deeds going unnoticed throughout Egypt, though, and to help others channel their inner goodness, Cadbury Egypt has even been sending out gifts the these do-gooders - not just chocolate (which is a pretty good reward if you ask us), but tools to help them maintain their good deeds. The teacher, for example, was gifted with camera gear to use for his online classes; the biker in Alexandria was given extra, useful accessories for his bike; and the teenagers were given more stock to continue handing out masks. 

We’d like to think that this will all clear up and pass by – but it simply won’t without everyone doing their part. If you or anyone else is lending a helping hand, tell Cadbury Dairy Milk about it - maybe they'll say something back. Post videos or photos online, tag @CadburyEgypt and use the hashtag الحلو_جواك#.

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