Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Cairo's Rooftops are Getting Cleaned

In an effort to restore Cairo's beauty, this clean-up initiative is ridding the city's rooftops of garbage.

Staff Writer

Cairo's Rooftops are Getting Cleaned

In a clean-up initiative headed by the Cairo governorate administration, 842 roofs of Khedivial Cairo have already been cleared up of garbage and pollution, with more rooftops around the city to be equally spruced up, accordding to Mantikty.

Engineer and Cairo governor, Mohamed Abdel Hameed has called on all neighborhood delegates to pick five buildings within their jurisdiction, to have their rooftops cleaned up. In collaboration with the Cairo Cleanliness and Beautification authority, this comes in an effort to restore the city's beauty. 

Progress of the project will be monitored through before and after pictures - taken by the delegates - with the governor stressing on the tenants to refrain from polluting the newly cleaned rooftops.