Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Cairo Jazz Club’s New Summer Upbeat House Nights are Going to Be LIT!

'Moonlit Mondays' will wash over you like a cool, midnight breeze.

Staff Writer

If you hadn’t noticed by the scorching weather, it’s officially summer time in Egypt. Now, for many, that signals systematic weekend escapes to the nearest beach, where the country is most alive. Some seem to assume that, in the face of Sahel Season, Cairo takes a backseat, but for a certain bar you might have heard of called Cairo Jazz Club, a sizzling season awaits – not least on Mondays, where the enduring Agouza venue is cooking up something special starting in July.

With CJC having all bases covered when it comes to the variety of its acts, the newly anointed ‘Moonlit Mondays’ are set to wash over you like a cool, refreshing midnight breeze and deliver some distinctly upbeat electronic music nights –  and they’ve recruited some of Egypt’s finest DJs/nob-fiddlers for the ride.

Aly Goede and Hisham Zahran are among the names lined-up

Kicking off this splendid summer series on Monday 2nd July is up-and-comer, DeeRailed, and seasoned spinner, Ahmed Eid, who are set to serve up a hearty plate of house and deep house – and the names keep on comin’ in what is a bountiful buffet of musical Mondays.

Other yummy dishes include everyone from tech-ticklers like Sebzz, Hisham Zahran, Aly Goede , Richard R and Sherif Shafei, to progressive pushers and commercial crusaders like Mohasseb and Ashmawy. Like any good buffet, there’s a little bit of something for every electronic music fan; whether you’re a wild, limb-flailing dancer, or one of those too-cool-for-school, sippin’ on my beer in the corner kind-of dudes.  

Stay tuned to the CairoScene calendar for these and all of Cairo Jazz Club's events this summer.

Images courtesy of CairoZoom