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First Egyptian-Made Natural Gas-Fuelled Buses to Begin Operating in Cairo

If the initial trial run is successful, 130 more will be unleashed on the capital's streets.

Natural Gas-Fueled bus

Egypt’s Public Transport Authority (PTA) recently declared that four news Egyptian-made buses fuelled with natural gas will be operating in Cairo on an experimental basis, with a plan to operate 130 more if and once the trial operation is successful, reports Egypt Independent. 

Aiming to solve Cairo's traffic problem, the natural gas-fuelled buses are manufactured by Egyptian company, Kastour. Head of PTA, Rizk Ali, released a statement on Tuesday announcing that the ticket for the natural gas-fueled bus is EGP 4. The trial buses will be running on line 1033 and will be connecting the Dawaran Shubra station to the First Settlement in New Cairo, while passing though Abboud, Sawah, Heliopolis, Nasr City and the Police Academy. 

Vehicles running on natural gas have a number of benefits including that they are environmentally friendly, safer and result in less noise pollution. 

Main image: Egypt Independent