Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Egyptian Cancer Patients Can Now Travel on Trains For Free

They will also get their own ID cards by Egypt's Railway Authority.

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Egyptian Cancer Patients Can Now Travel on Trains For Free

Egypt’s Transport Ministry and Railway Authority announced on Monday that cancer patients will be granted with free seats on railway trains.

Four seats on each train will be available for cancer patients, who can reserve up to two free seats, according to Egypt Independent. The cancer patients will be able to apply for identity cards issued by the Railway Authority, which will then allow them to make these free reservations, be it online or at the station.

The decision was a made public in a press statement, in which Amr Sahaat, the Assistant Minister of Transport, further explained that giving Egyptian cancer patients ID cards  and share their burden is “the state’s duty,” 

It's one of several recent moves made by the Transport Ministry and Railway Authority to improve transportation across Egypt. For the Eid al-Fitr holidays, 10 new trains we launched to cater to the thousands of passengers traveling between Cairo, Alexandria and Upper Egypt. They also announced recently that there will be a double-decker train launched by the end of 2018, as a means to challenge the high demands and influx of passengers at peak times, while a train booking app will be available later this year.

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