Sunday 5 of February, 2023
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New Initiative by Careem to Make Alexandria Wheelchair-Friendly Governorate

Careem is making Alexandria's streets, vehicles and overall commute more accessible to those with special needs.

Staff Writer

With Egypt’s streets barely being pedestrian-friendly for the average Egyptian at the best of times, it's safe to assume that for those with a disability, it's a nightmare. It is only recently, however, that various Egyptian organisations and groups have begun to do their part and giving back to the community by starting several initiatives that work towards including people with special needs into the community.

What’s more is that 2018 was dubbed the year of those challenged with a disability and has seen efforts and decisions being made in order to facilitate the lives of those with a disability. And it’s no different for transportation moguls like Careem, who’ve recently started a one-of-a-kind initiative in Egypt, are aiming to make Alexandria, Egypt's second most populous governorate, more wheel-chair friendly. Aiming to make themselves more accessible to all Egyptians without exception, Careem recently launched its newest feature yet, ‘Careem Assist’, which eases commute and transportation for Alexandria’s passengers with motor disability. The ride-hailing company is doing so by incorporating within their services ‘wheelchair accessible’ vehicles which can be accessed through the Careem app. 

In addition, Careem is also creating ramps all over Alexandria to enable Egyptians with motor disability to move around freely. Having already built ramps on main streets and next to pedestrian crossing signs, they’ve also set up a track in Alexandria’s Mandara beach, allowing people with motor disability to access seaside and enjoy the breeze. 

With about 290,612 Alexandrians living with special needs, Careem hopes to not only facilitate their transportation all over the seaside city but to also encourage the community to recognise the importance of including all segments of society.  

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