Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Cheers is Now Delivering Your Drinks Right Into the Middle of the Red Sea

Order straight to your boat at El Gouna!

Staff Writer

We've all been to that one party where, halfway through the shenanigans, we come face to face with the horror of horrors: Alcohol running out! If you don't have that heroic friend who would gladly get into an overheated car and take to the nearest liquor store, you'll find yourself with no options but let the party vibes sink as deep as these turquoise waters can go. Luckily, with the official launch of their delivery services right to the middle of the Red Sea, Cheers Egypt has just given us the perfect option to keep the party alive and well, and we're totally here for it TBHFor all the boats docked at Gouna's Bayout, fear no more because Cheers is sending out their mercenaries with free drinks, ice, nuts, and mixers, to all the boats at the pier throughout Easter break, keeping us stocked and partying until the wee hours of the morning. And delivering party flavours straight to your dock is a first in Egypt, just saying.

Having started off by sponsoring parties in Cairo and Gouna, Cheers is quickly becoming indispensable to all our partying. They'll even make it all the way to Sahel for your party needs. 

With stores located all over Egypt, in Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada and Gouna, the alcohol retailer delivers to the Sahel during summer. The one-stop shop and online store, also delivers cigarettes and energy drinks right to your doorstep. 

Orders on 19131, and follow up with Cheers on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website.

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