Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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CIB and EgyptAir Have Teamed Up to Help Ease Your Wanderlust Woes

Trying to plan a summer holiday, but can't quite get the cash together? Look no further than the Mileseverywhere credit card.

Staff Writer

With wanderlust being a legit phenomenon of our generation, most of us are restless and would rather not stay put on one place. If it were up to us, we’d probably live out of a plane as we tick off every destination on our bucket list. But alas, reality and the cost of travelling keep most of us very much grounded – it’s a pipe dream at most. Or is it? The Mileseverywhere credit card might just be your saviour.

You see, in what many have touted as the biggest collaboration since Eminem and Elton John inexplicably teamed up on stage way back when, CIB Egypt has teamed up with EgyptAir to make that pipe dream all the more achievable.

Designed to provide customers with a whole host of benefits, the Mileseverywhere credit card can, shall and will enrich your travelling experience by enriching your shopping experience. Confused? Don’t be – let us explain.

Among the many benefits that the Mileseverywhere credit card – which comes in Titanium and Platinum versions – offers, you receive miles for purchases using the card; one mile for every EGP 10 on the Platinum card and one mile for every EGP 20 on the Titanium card. Pretty sweet, right?

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because on your actual travels, the cards give you several other very cool benefits. Welcoming their newest card-holders with bonuses up to 5000 miles, CIB and Egyptair are also granting their guests unlimited complimentary access to MasterCard airport lounges throughout the Middle East.

It even helps soothe the most pressing of travel concerns – long lines at the airport. Card holders flying EgyptAir get priority at the business counters, regardless of their seating. Platinum card holders also get an extra bag for their baggage allowance, while Titanium cardholders get 50% discount on their extra luggage. Extra benefits include 25% discount off of Egyptair's plus program.

So committed are CIB and EgyptAir to empowering wanderlust sufferers to spread their wings, that a special competition was launched at the end of February till May  that gifted 39 Mileseverywhere credit card holders economy tickets, as well as three business class tickets for the three cardholders who have spent the most for trips, within Egypt, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Now, excuse us while we go plan our travel itinerary so we can catch those guys up.

To grab yourself a CIB EgyptAir Mileseverywhere credit card, text “Miles” to 16644