Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Stranded in Cairo This Eid? Run into the Warm Embrace of CJC 610's Holiday Hurrah

CJC 610 is celebrating its first Eid Al-Adha in style.

Staff Writer

Stranded in Cairo This Eid? Run into the Warm Embrace of CJC 610's Holiday Hurrah

And so here we are again, on the cusp of another long Eid break – so long, in fact, that for the poor souls staying in Cairo for one reason or another, it’s actually quite daunting. What on earth are you meant to do for six straight days, without the daily grind of work gnawing away at what semblance of a soul you have left rattling around in your tattered, haggard body? Sigh.

Projecting our own dissatisfaction with our ‘career’ on this article aside, our good friends at CJC 610 are also (luckily) stuck in Cairo for the break, and have no option but to put together their annual Eid festivities.

Things get off to a blazing start on Tuesday 21st with Bakir, who takes to the stage to serve up some dangerous disco and ferocious funk. Wednesday 22nd at the Sheikh Zayed bar-come-restaurant-come-rollicking-rumpus-room-of-rowdiness is all about live music, with two acts set to perform – the saxophone-heavy jazz group, Nour Project, and the jolly and bouncy Basata Band.

If you’re looking for your weekly prescription of house, worry not – Dr 610 has your dose ready and waiting on Thursday 23rd , when bar favourite Ayman Nageeb takes the hot-seat for the night.

So, there you go – and there’s no danger of sunburn, jelly-fish or getting stuck at a party that you never even wanted to go to in the first place, but your friend Bashayer just HAD to go to. All part and parcel of the 'Sahel Experience'.

Head over to the CJC 610 Facebook for the same info as above, but written slightly differently.

Main image from CairoZoom