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Egypt's First Art Club for The Disabled Opens in Cairo Opera House

Various activities will take place at the cinema, including painting workshops and movie screenings.


A new club for the disabled and those who need special care is being established in El-Hanager cinema, according to Head of the National Cinema Centre and the Cinema Control Department Khaled Abdel Galil.

Every month, there will be screenings of two movies at the club. The animated film "Khalik A'eed" (Please Stay) and "Kabeer w Sagheer" (Big and Small) are scheduled to be screened there first. 

Finally, the National Cinema Centre is organising painting workshops for the disabled will also be organised. 

Aside from catering to the disabled, Abdel Galil added that el-Hanager cinema has organised various activities, such as a “Kids Cinema Day” on Fridays, where they will be showing cartoons that address issues that require the attention of parents and caregivers. Also, during these sessions, discussions will be had to encourage kids to speak up about any issues in their life to help them not suffer in silence.

In July this year, president Abdel Fattah Al Sisi announced new initiatives for the disabled, going as far as designating 2018 as the Year of People with Disabilities. He announced the establishment of the National Academy for Information and Communication Technology for People with Special Needs to train them so they can secure job opportunities. Also, he announced the establishment of a technological institute for people with disabilities, a first in Africa. This centre aims to assist those with hearing and communication disabilities.

Main image from DNA India