Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Club M: The Restaurant and Beach Bar Taking the Ain Sokhna Experience to the Next Level

Prime for a luxury experience all year round, Club M's arrival in Ain Sokhna is a game changer for the Red Sea locale.

Staff Writer

Egypt is rich with stunning seaside spots, prime for sumptuous sessions of sun, sea and sand. But there’s something a little more special about Ain Sokhna. Maybe it’s that it still holds that feeling of being untouched by, for lack of a better term, the rabble. Maybe it’s the seeming serenity of its soft waves and silky beaches. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the Club M factor.

Sitting pretty in the Azha area of Ain Sokhna, Club M has added a little magic and a lot of class to the seaside town since opening in September. As a product of a group that knows how to weave magic into any occasion, GNK Concepts - the guys behind sizzling Sahel hotpsot, Kiki's bar in Haceinda Bay - Club M’s arrival has certainly added some pizzazz to proceedings and put Ain Sokhna on the map by giving it a much needed boost.

Functioning as a full-blown, high-end restaurant open to all whose carefully curated menu is crafted at the hands of some of the finest chefs Beirut has to offer, there’s never been a better reason to hit the road for a short 45-minute drive and spend the day at Ain Sokhna. In fact, it’s the first and only fine-dining venue in Ain Sokhna and fuses that distinction with an equally fine beach bar and, of course, that quintessential Ain Sokhna beach experience.

Said beach experience comes – quite spectacularly – in the form of a private and pristine beach that one and all can apply to for membership and offers that perfect balance of privacy and community.

The bar-and-restaurant itself boasts one of the most unique designs you’re likely to find in Egypt and it’s the work of globally acclaimed concept design and architectural studio, Creative Clinic. Words can never quite do justice to a visual or intangible experience, but in fusing contemporary-casual luxury with subtle a bohemian style that pays homage to Red Sea tradition, Club M sets a tone and atmosphere that’s equal parts welcoming and deluxe. So much so, in fact, that it also stands as a perfect option for all kinds of private functions – whether a dream wedding, or a very cool corporate retreat. Able to host near thousands of individuals, Club M is versatile, open and prime for celebration on every kind of occasion – from that first day of summer, to the festivities of Christmas, Club M is an option all year round.

Check out more of Club M on Facebook and Instagram or call 0100 777 4040 for reservations.