Friday May 24th, 2024
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Cocktails and Kebbeh: Hayda Does Lebanese Dining in Style

Hayda is the Nile-side restaurant bringing us Kebbeh and cocktails.

Staff Writer

Cocktails and Kebbeh: Hayda Does Lebanese Dining in Style

Being the foodies that we are, we’re constantly looking for new cuisines to try and Egypt is anything if not a hub for dishes hailing from all over the world. For those of us, who love both travel and food, it's no secret that the only way to truly experience any country is through its cuisine. Hayda is the Lebanese restaurant giving us just that. With a gorgeous Nile view, Hayda gives its patrons Lebanese classics, the likes of Spicy Raheb, Shankaleesh and Mansaf. So maybe call up that crush you've been trying to impress for forever and show them how cultured you are by wining and dining them at an authentic Lebanese restaurant by the Nile. The chefs are also flown in especially from Lebanon so you know it's the real deal. And on the weekends, none other than Egyptian musicians, Takht Shar2i, will be around to get you on your feet and dancing to some oriental jams to work off those Mansaf calories. If early lunches are more your thing, Hayda's got you covered and once you're done feasting on the delicious Lebanese delicacies and indulging in cosmopolitans, why not make a day out of it and stay for the live entertainment that takes place on Fridays. Located in on the Sunset boat in Giza, we hear Hayda serves killer cocktails for those days you just can't deal. Perhaps a nice mojito to go with your Manssaf is just the cure for your boss spending the day yelling. Besides is there anything more calming than staring out at the Nile after being cooped up in a office all day? 
Hayda is open from 12 PM to 3 AM. 

For reservations, call 01008513322, 01015517711.

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