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Multi Award Winning Interior Designer Hoda Lasheen Turns Your Fairytale into Reality

Hoda Lasheen Interior Design, gives us a reason never to leave the comfort of our home.

HILD brand

Our homes are where spend most our time; they're our safe havens after having spent a hectic day out and about in a usually hectic Cairo. Home is where we get to unwind to a warm dinner or disconnect at our usual spot on the couch as we attempt to forget all the cares of that day. So it's only natural that, when it comes to the aesthetic of our humble abodes, nothing short of the best will do. Hoda Lasheen Interior Design (HLID), which was founded in 2006, is an interior designer that can grant you just that.The interior design brand does much more than just decorate your home, though. They're always looking to incorporate the client's personality into whatever design they're bringing to life. With their international branch being in the UK along with several projects across the MENA region, Hoda Lasheen Interior Design offers modern, sophisticated and elegant designs. And we’re nothing if not sophisticated. 

HLID creates their masterpieces with nothing short of perfection in mind, using simple local materials and transforming them into pieces of art. Having been honored as the Best Interior Designer in Egypt by the Africa and Arabia Property Awards 2018 for their 'Simply Creative Mansion' project, this is one designer that promises to make your home a distinctive home from your peers.

The Africa and Arabia Property award is a subcategory under the International Property Awards which is a world-renowned mark of excellence. The competition embraces all residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe. Participants enter at their relevant national level and are judged by a highly experienced team of professionals who cover the whole range of property disciplines.

Winning the 5 star award title for 'Best Interior Design Private Residence Egypt', HLID’s high scoring resulted in its nomination for the regional competition which brings together international interior designers. The team will be attending the International Grand Final at the Savoy Hotel in London on the 3rd December. So you know you’ve made it when HLID is your interior designer of choice.

Also being a Finalist at the at the SBID International Design Awards 2018 for the category of 'residential designs over £1 million' and gone head to head with international interior designers, HLID has got quite a few achievements under its belt. The society of British Interior Designers Award is known as one of the top competitions in the world of interior design, with a strict and highly detail-oriented system of judging as each category undergoes a two-tier judging process by panels from leading industry experts in both technical and creative fields.

'Simply Creative Mansion', this award winning project , uses minimalist styles while integrating sophisticated elements into the design. The project, which is a three-story house located in Cairo, was commissioned by a couple who had two completely different visions of what they wanted their home to look like. The husband, who is a film producer, sought to have a space filled with inspiration at every turn while still retaining elements of simplicity. The wife, on the other hand, preferred something more sophisticated. Merging both those visions, HLID managed to create a masterpiece of harmony and beauty with the project and it was no easy feat.

Excuse us while we go daydream about all the gorgeous ways in which HLID will decorate the mansion we know we deserve. 

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