Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Dima Rashid Fuses Ancient Egypt and Modernity in Her Timeless Jewellery Designs

Dima Rashid gets together with Paris-based Anita Bozic to blow our minds with their SS’18 collection.

Staff Writer

Dima Rashid Fuses Ancient Egypt and Modernity in Her Timeless Jewellery Designs

The Ancient Egyptians come from a mysterious time, making them surreal and almost dreamlike. Imagining their lifestyle and their day-to-day habits can be mindblowing, which has led designer Dima Rashid and international style influencer Anita Bozic to collaborate for the first time in creating a new collection infused with Ancient Egyptian-ness.

Rashid (a renowned Palestinian jewellery designer) and Bozic (a style influencer, fashion model, journalist and creative director living between Paris, Cairo and Belegrade) will be releasing SS’18, an 8-piece Limited Edition Capsule Cruise collection inspired by key animal kingdom muses from Ancient Egypt. The designs, Rashid said, are “timeless” and “inspired by global trends.” What stood out to us the most was the shade of red in their jewellery, which Rashid claims is a citrine stone—an orangish yellow stone which Rashid picked since it “[resembles] the Sun and the joy it brings.” The stone is adorned in 18KT gold and pave diamonds; a classic signature of Dima Jewellery’s craftsmanship.

“It has been refreshing drawing inspirations from Egypt’s history and ancient civilization, with its fantastical symbols and colours which have always been my greatest muse. And it's also a nice teaser for what’s yet to come this summer,” Rashid said.

Through this collection coming out in Sahel on August 15, Rashid wants to celebrate key animals symbolic to Ancient Egypt; The Scarab ‘Khepri,’ symbolizing transformation, and The Scorpion ‘Wadjet,’ symbolizing divinity. They added a contemporary twist to their designs to go hand in hand with the modern-day woman. 

According to the designers themselves, their creations are “meticulously hand-crafted and tailormade,” so no two pieces are exactly the same. You can wear your jewellery knowing that its unique identity is equally matched to yours, with no two stones or two people being the same.

“I imagined modern Cleopatra and what she could be wearing, which led us to draw inspiration from Ancient Egyptian symbolism and re-introducing them in a conceptual manner. [Danim and I]  both believe in the energy of stones and chose Citrine for its symbolism and positivity, Bozic said.

The SS’18 Capsule Cruise Collection is now available for pre-orders and for a limited time at Dima Jewellery store located in Sahel for August 15.

Dima Rashid is internationally recognized, owning stores in Cairo, London and Dubai; Anika Bozic is a freelance model and a style icon in her home country, gaining recognition as an editor of Pashion.

For more information, check out Dima Jewellery's pages out on Instagram and Facebook.