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New Report Reveals Substantial Increase in Divorce Rates in Egypt in 2018

On the bright side, we've also had more marriages than last year.

Divorce in Egypt

A CAPMAS report has revealed that recorded divorces cases in Egypt between January and August 2018, exceed that of cases in the same time period in 2017, with overall divorce cases in 2018 expected to surpass last year's overall total of 198K.

With a total of 115K cases reported between January and August in 2018, Cairo had the highest numbers of divorce cases, reaching above 22K. Giza follows with a total of 12.5K divorces, followed by Alexandria with 11.5K divorces during the same period. Southern Sinai was the governorate with the least divorces recorded in 2019, with only 134 official divorces noted. 

Divorces in 2019/ CAPMAS

Across Egypt, April was the worst month, with almost of 16,884 divorce cases being finalised, closely followed by March, at 16,743 cases. During the summer, divorce rates fell across the country, with 6481 divorce cases recorded in August.

It wasn't grim on all fronts; Egypt also witnessed a spike in recorded marriages this year, reaching a record of above 100K marriages in September, a 5% increase from 2017. However, with many marriages in Egypt ending within the first year, many of this newly-weds could end up in divorce courts much sooner than ever-after.