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Egypt to Establish its First Museum of Commemorative Coins Dating All the Way Back to the 1950's

The coins bring to life Egypt's long and eventful past.

Egypt will establish the first museum of commemorative, historical coins that have been circulated since the 1950’s to the present, as per a declaration by Minister of Finance Mohamed Ma’it, according to Egypt Independent. It’s part of a broader plan by the Ministry of Finance to further develop the Egyptian Mint Authority.

The collection will include rare and commemorative coins that were printed by the Authority, as well as others that were printed outside Egypt before the Authority was established.

Some of the coins bring to life Egyptian history, representing influential Egyptian figures such as Mohamed Ali and Gamal Abdel Nasser. Others reflect on important events such as the digging of the Suez Canal, building the High Dam as well as other important national projects in our long and storied history. Aside from Egypt, some coins will represent important Arab and Islamic leaders.  

The museum will also include a collection of medals, awards and armours including honours such as Orders of the Republic of the First Class Order of the Nile, which served as one of the Kingdom of Egypt’s principal orders until the monarchy was abolished in 1953. More coins to commemorate and honour historic events and figures are currently being designed by the Mint Authority, and will be issued in the upcoming years.

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