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Illiteracy in Egypt Dropped to 25.8% as of 2017

Egypt’s struggle with illiteracy has been an endemic issue for years, but the stats so far are showing positive results for illiteracy.

egypt illiteracy

In a spot of literate news this fine Sunday eve, Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) has shed light on a positive curve with regards to illiteracy, having gone from 39.8% in 1996 to 25.8% in 2017.

As of 2017, rural illiteracy rates have been steady at 32.2%, whereas in urban areas, the statistics stand at 17.7%.

When it comes to Upper Egyptian governorates, Minya took the lead with an illiteracy score of 37.2%, followed by Bani Suef at 35.9%, Assiut at 34.6%, 34% in Fayoum, and 33.6% in Sohag.

Urban governorates saw significantly lower illiteracy rates, with Alexandria at 19%, Cairo at 16.2%, Suez at 15.3%, and the lowest being Port Said at 14.1%.

Whether it's a sign of an evolving education system, or if it's the various governmental efforts in place trying to eradicate the phenomenon, the results speak for themselves.

Main image from Al Fanar.