Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Egyptian Ministry of Manpower Files Lawsuit Against 74 Institutions for Child Labour

Lawsuits have been fired, children have been set free.

Staff Writer

The Egyptian Ministry of Manpower has been working on ways to tackle one of the many issues at large, namely child labour. Egypt has had a bad rep in terms of trafficking children for handyman work or sexual purposes, and the children involved don’t get to be rescued by a man in a red cape.

Mohammed Saffan, the Minister of Manpower, stated that the Ministry has filed a lawsuit against 74 institutions in Egypt that don’t comply with Egypt’s child labour law. This is an immense move in Egypt’s plan on undertaking the ending of child labour by 2025.

Saffan also stated that the Ministry of Manpower has already found 74 institutions that violate Egypt’s child labour law, while 2,248 institutions are on the line. On the bright side, Saffan has also confirmed that there are 12,700 Egyptian institutions that don’t violate Egypt’s child labour law whatsoever. Yay, Egypt!

As the Egyptian law states, it is illegal for children under the age of 18 to work in hazardous conditions. The Egyptian ministry continues its efforts in decreasing the number of victims in child labour, claiming that they’ve successfully protected 18,885 children from these malignant industries.

Main image taken from Qahwet Masr.