Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Egyptian Schooling Could Soon Get a Major Revamp Thanks to Microsoft

Representatives from Microsoft are set to meet with Egyptian officials with a view to implementing revolutionary new technologies.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Schooling Could Soon Get a Major Revamp Thanks to Microsoft

Microsoft will be investing in Egypt to train 600,000 Egyptian teachers to use modern technology as well as coordinating with the Egyptian Ministry of Education to provide modern technology to Egyptian public schools. In the Kuwait Education forum this week, Microsoft discussed the launch of its new program: Microsoft Schools. The program is meant to improve schools and provide guides and resources for teachers and students in order to improve global education as a whole and also provide global recognition for schools that participate in the program as well as improve STEM learning, emphasizing science, technology, engineering and math.

General Manager of Microsoft EMEA & ASIA Education Industry Group, Mark East, will be visiting Egypt next week to meet Minister of Education, Tarek Shawky, in order to coordinate with the Egyptian government to modernize technology in all Egyptian public schools. According to East, technology is a necessity for students, stating that  "by 2030, about 70 percent of the schools around the world will depend on technology in their system, meaning that all students in primary schools should learn to use technology now in order to be able to develop the labor market."

Microsoft's interest in Egypt goes hand in hand with recently announced reforms in Egypt, such as removing physical textbooks and providing tablets to all students and teachers. Once those planned reforms take place and with a little help from Microsoft, Egypt's education system will get the serious revamp and improvement it needs and might start catching up with the rest of the world. Here's hoping.