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This New Egyptian Online Store Will Keep You Hip and Fresh for the Summer

A t-shirt for every man. A t-shirt for every woman who “borrows” her boyfriend’s t-shirts.

Shopping malls are becoming a thing of the past thanks to the internet and credit cards. However, if you’re anything like us, you’ll still find that it’s quite difficult to pair two different items of clothing together, even if you’re viewing it on a screen. Do green shorts work with a red tee, or do we look like a Christmas tree? And just how many patterns are considered too many patterns?

Well, Merch has us covered. The new online fashion store ensures that the modern-day Egyptian goes out in style, without the hassle of aimlessly picking and matching. Because of the simple designs, people can now easily come off as a fashion icon, with all their wardrobe essentials being only a click away.

Merch launched their first collection—exclusively for men—which is all about simple basics with an added twist. The t-shirts are emblazoned with trendy prints or bold symbols, while the shirts are fitted to suit both business and business-casual events. Simple, neat and pretty.

They've put together a video to show you that basic is the new black:


Watch us Redefine Basics! #getmerched

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Just last month, Merch teamed up with Carousel for their official launch party featuring Hip-hop DJ AK and surprise guest DiscoMisr. Bringing together Cairo’s biggest trendsetters to #GetMerched, the guests not only got to “get their boogie on” according to Merch’s Instagram page, but also got a sample of Merch t-shirts with their invitations.


This is what happens when our favourite party people put their swag on and #GetMERCHED!

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Merch’s aim is to take you from mornings at the office in one swift and smooth motion to your night out, without having to get into a change of attire. And this is great, because we no longer have to worry about an overcrowded wardrobe with too many choices to pick from. Merch emphasises that everyone—from the elegant to the casual—should have a wardrobe home to a few basic essentials, and thanks to the online store, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your room to shop.

In case you haven't gathered from all of this, designs are timeless, affordable, durable and comfortable. And as for women—stay tuned, for their female collection should be dropping soon!

You can shop at their online store here, or check out their Instagram page to keep track of their new Merch-andise available at the store.