Monday May 20th, 2024
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Egypt to Establish Middle East’s First Halal Gelatin Factory

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Staff Writer

Egypt to Establish Middle East’s First Halal Gelatin Factory

Cairo Investment Company is set to establish the first ever halal gelatin factory in the Middle East in partnership with Gelita, Germany’s largest gelatin manufacturer, as reported by Egypt Today.

Yesterday, the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture representative, Mona Mehrez, and Ministry of Trade and Industry’s representative, Yasser Al-Maghraby, met with Gelita in order to discuss the establishment of the factory, whose production will serve for both a medical and food purposes.

The whole process is being supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure veterinary supervision and the issuance of veterinary health certificates for the slaughtered animals and animal products, which also means that these slaughter operations are subjected to veterinary inspections.

It's hoped that the factory, which will also be the biggest in the Middle East, will create jobs and open new export markets.

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