Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Ministry of Culture to Launch First 'Egyptian Cinematic' Archive of all Egyptian Films

Egyptian cinematic and chill.

Staff Writer

The Egyptian Minister of Culture, Enas Abdeldayem has announced the ministry’s plans to launch ‘Egyptian Cinematic;’ an archive at the National Centre for Cinema, which will store all Egyptian films produced since 1896.

Abdeldayem expressed the need to preserve Egyptian cinema, claiming that it would act as a representation of the Egyptian identity and culture for future audiences. It would also ensure the preservation of Egyptian films for decades. The archive will be available at the National Centre for Cinema.

While a timeline hasn’t been set yet, the head of the National Centre for Cinema, Khaled Abdel Galil expressed his concerns that an archive for the Egyptian cinema should have been created much earlier on.

He also stated that the archive of films will not impose any restrictions on filmmakers or producers, and that the records will be available for viewers.

“It will protect the Egyptian film heritage from loss and neglect,” Abdel Galil said in a statement.

‘Egyptian Cinematic’ would mark as the first establishment of the Egyptian cinema record, after more than a hundred years of cinema in the country.

The Egyptian cinema was once known as the Hollywood of the orient, due to its many prominent stars in the industry and the fast rate at which films were produced, reaching an average of 50 feature films a year.

Main image taken from My Beloved Alexandria.