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Passengers Who Lose Luggage Entitled To EGP 30K Compensation, Egyptian Court Rules

Is everything in your luggage worth 30K though?

Cairo International Airport

Ever silently panicked while waiting by a baggage carousel at the airport anticipating the emergence of your luggage after a long trip? If, god forbids, it turns out you've permanently parted way with your luggage, what follows is a trip to and from hell as you look for answers.

That might soon change in Egypt, however, after a landmark ruling by Egypt's Court of Cassation this week.

Egypt's Court of Cassation has established a precedent in recognising passengers' right to immediate compensation by airliners who fail to deliver their luggage. Based on the ruling, said passengers are entitled to EGP 30K in compensation.

The ruling comes as part of Egypt's obligations as a signatory of the Montreal Treaty, which in 1999 retracted previous requirements on the part of passengers to prove wilful neglect by air carriers in case of lost luggage, instead holding aviation companies entirely responsible for delivery of luggage and solidifying passengers' right to immediate compensation.