Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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This Egyptian Designer Creates Beautiful Products with Old and Most Unusual Items

After working as a product designer, Egyptian designer, Ghada Dwaik, branched out on her own, finding inspiration everywhere and anywhere for her unique vintage items.

Staff Writer

Ever wanted to use unorthodox items, such as a vintage camera, to make an original-looking light? No? Us neither, if we're honest. But that’s exactly what art and design-obsessed Ghada Dwaik does, in part, and the final look on her designs is something you don’t see every day.

“I'm an architect and I’m obsessed with everything related to art and design," Dwaik told us. "I was working as a product designer and at some point I felt like quitting and exploring what I really want to do in life, and because I really love vintage stuff, I started my journey exploring Old Cairo everyday. I always thought to myself, why are we not using items like vintage, cameras, typewriters, gramophones, etc. So I thought of the idea of recycling; it’s a real trend all over the world, and we have the tools, so why not?”

Dwaik started to create these designs at home, after attending several workshops and seeking inspiration from items all over Cairo. Today, the talented Dwaik has a design house, Dwaik’s Design House at Galleria 40 Mall.

“Dwaik’s is a platform for many designers, a concept store me and my sisters Tahany and Heba created to help gifted designers in Egypt to find a good place to display their designs. Also, I showcased my designs in El Gouna, North Coast in Lakeyard and I have my own small store in Cairo. Now, I’m showcasing my work in Europe for the first time.”

Check out Dwaik's Instagram page here.

Main image from GD Designs on Facebook