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The Two Egyptian Fishermen who Saved 70 People from Athens Fire Receive Due Honours

People were literally jumping into the sea to escape the blaze.

Mahmoud mousa fisherman greece

In a turn of just deserts for two true Egyptian paragons of virtue, fishermen Emad Ibrahim and Mahmoud Moussa have been granted the Greek citizenship, as well as having been honoured by Egypt’s Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram after rescuing 70 inhabitants of the recently devastated city of Attica, Greece.

“You were the best ambassadors for your country Egypt and you showed the true metal of courage, heroism and humanity, so you achieved appreciation and honour,” said an enthused Makram.

Not only did the two have to contend with the chaotic nature of the sea, but also the thick and overwhelming plumes of smoke emanating from the fire, eventually managing to save 70 lives including women, children, and even four dogs in addition.

Over 120 lives were lost as a result of a sweeping inferno that engulfed the city of Attica late July, with 90% of the city having been decimated by the blaze.

Main image from Agencia Soynadie