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NGO Helm Teams-Up with Henkel Egypt to Build and Install Wheelchair Ramps in Cairo and Port Said

And it was all the idea of a Henkel employee.

Staff Writer

NGO Helm Teams-Up with Henkel Egypt to Build and Install Wheelchair Ramps in Cairo and Port Said

There's a first time for everything, and 2018 was a year of many firsts for Egyptians living with special needs. With awareness on the struggles of Egyptians with special needs finally picking up this year, the multinational company, Henkel Egypt, has stepped up their efforts with a collaboration with NGO, Helm Foundation.

On the International Day of Disability, they both joined efforts to assemble and paint ramps that would give Egyptians living with disabilities better mobility and freedom of movement. The ramps will soon be installed across the streets of Cairo and Port Said.

Giving credit where it's due, Henkel Egypt announced that the idea to join in the initiative came from an HR employee, namely Laila Abdel Hamid, highlighting the management's openness to throw its weight behind such initiatives regardless of who comes forward with them.

“I have long heard and followed the activities of Helm Foundation that support people with disabilities and felt their impact on their lives, which encouraged me to introduce the idea of participating to Henkel Egypt management," Abdel-Hamid says. "I am very pleased that my idea was accepted and fully supported. I am also proud to collaborate with my colleagues in cooperation with Helm Foundation to provide a service that contributes to the integration of people with disabilities in the society."

The campaign follows Henkel Egypt's participation in a Paralympics race organised by British Petroleum and Red Rock. The Germany-based multinational joined the race with three teams, one of which snatched the second place, with all proceeds going to support special-needs Egyptian athletes to make it to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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