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You Can Now Get a Tesla in Egypt

Electric cars are making their debut in Egypt.

In February, Egypt's first electric car charging station was installed along the Cairo-Suez desert road, with plans to build more across the country. Last week, the first batch of electric cars - which charge at EGP 50 per 300 Km - made their way into the country through Alexandria's Port, as reported by Akhbarak on Friday.

The batch includes recent models from Hyundai, Tesla, and Nissan, and they are reported to travel for 500 Km when fully charged, which takes up to 25 minutes. In addition, the promised 65 charging stations have already been set up over 7 governorates with a plan to implement more throughout the country. The charging stations can be found in national gas stations and leisure clubs.

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To encourage drivers to make the switch, Revolta Egypt is offering an eight year warranty on the purchased cars as well as two years worth of free recharging. To further promote the use of electric cars, Minister of Trade and Industry, Tarek Kabil has also said in a statement that used electric cars entering the country will be exempt of any incurring custom fees.

The news comes as global car manufacturers speed up their production of electric cars in an effort to cut down on gas-fueled vehicles, which they hope will revolutionise the automobile industry over the upcoming five years.

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