Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Egyptians Can Pay Electricity Bills Through Their Phones Starting 2019

Additionally, 3.5 million prepaid electric meters are to be installed this year.

Staff Writer

Egypt's Electricity Minister, Mohamed Shaker,  announced on Wednesday that Egypt is moving forward with plans to enable Egyptians to pay their electricity bills using their phones. 

The announcement has been made in parallel to plans to install 3.5 million pre-paid electric meters around the country in 2019, which allows for monitoring of electricity usage by paying for a set number of units in advance. There are currently about 6 million pre-paid meters already installed in Egypt, 1.8 million of which were installed in 2018.

"Citizens will only need to make sure they have money [credit] in their mobile phones, which allows them to recharge their meters at anytime," Shaker explained.

The ministry is also working on a number of projects to raise the efficiency of Egypt's electricity network, with 2018 witnessing the construction of 12 new power plants and three power stations worth $6 billion, among other projects. “I promise the citizens a better service in 2019,” Shaker added.

Main Image: @cormend, Flickr