Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Elon Musk Wants Us to Build Our Homes with Giant Ancient Egypt Themed Legos

If it were anybody else, it’d be an April Fool’s joke. Not Elon Musk though, oh no.

Staff Writer

What even is Elon Musk? The guy who invented money (ie. Paypal)? The guy who legit sold about $5 million worth of flamethrowers? The guy who inspired Robert Downey Jr.’s grandiose portrayal of Iron Man? Maybe he’s the guy who shot a car into space just for the hell of it? Yes, to all those things, and in his latest venture into functional absurdity, Musk plans to produce and sell life-size, Ancient Egypt-themed, Lego building blocks so folks can make their own marks on modern history. Slaves not included (yet).

Details are almost non-existent, seeing as how this is Elon Musk and we’re certain his own team has no idea what he’s saying most of the time, but if this turns out to be a real thing (remember; flamethrowers) and not an April Fool’s stunt, folks around the world will be able to build their own decadent tombs (because buying a grave is expensive as shit), and learn more about Ancient Egyptian culture, heritage, bricks and probably Algebra? Something along those lines.

I'm here to do science.

Being a man well ahead of his time, Musk has realized many of his concepts for the future, having established several high-profile corporations such as Space X, Tesla, Neuralink and his latest venture (one that took us a while to get), The Boring Company. Said company (which is anything but boring) is Musk’s own attempt at changing the concept of modern transportation from that of a two-dimensional format to three dimensions, utilizing the physical aspects of 'Up' and 'Down', which is to say that Musk wants to build tunnels around L.A to make life easier. And this, obviously, is the impromptu source of the world’s first grownup Legos, seeing as the blocks and bricks will be all to be made of tunnel rock, according to a tweet from the mad scientist himself.

Never die, Elon, never even consider it.

Photo from Business Insider.