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This Innovative New Low-Poo Shampoo Restores Your Natural Hair

This will make washing your hair a whole lot smoother and less damaging, 'cause low poo is chemical free.

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How is it that one day I'm looking at curly-haired gals accounts and reading reviews about Elvive, and the next day I go and find that I'm being assigned to write about this new low poo product that's just launched in the Egyptian market?

I was excited, as I've been experimenting with different products myself lately to help revive my curls after all the damage that's been done to it over the years.

Elvive Low Poo shampoo is a revolution within the low-poo industry. If you haven't heard about it, low-poo is the method of minimising the use of shampoo, due to the harmful effects that sulfate has on your hair. Elvive uses zero sulfates and is paraben-free, meaning that not only does it not strip away your hair from essential oils; it also reduces frizz with gentle washing.

The product's ingredients are components that can help heal damaged or sensitised hair. If your hair has been exposed to bleaching, heat, or the sun for too long, then you might notice your strands dry and irksome to deal with. Elvive's low-poo can take care of that - just ask Lebanese actress, TV presenter and bombshell, Danielle Rahme.


With Elvive's sulfate-free 3-in-1 Low Poo, you can clean, nourish and detangle your hair in one wash. The low poo doesn't create foam, but that doesn't mean your hair isn't being cleansed; in fact, foam creates friction that your hair doesn't need. Without foam, it makes it easier to detangle your hair (which you should preferably do when your hair is wet) as it won't get knotted up from all the lather.

Basically, the product is a gentle alternative to shampooing your hair – which is great for the gals who are transitioning from heat or chemical treatments to natural hair. It will leave your hair all bouncy and shiny, and twice the more healthier.

And it's also available at a supermarket near me? Wouldn't mind if I do.

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