Monday 5 of December, 2022
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EN2EL: Egypt's First App Dedicated to Towing and Truck Delivery

Whether you're stuck on Da2ery or just moving your stuff to your new place, EN2L is here to make life easier

Staff Writer

Say your car’s out of order on a speedway, and you need to get a tow truck without calling odd numbers. Maybe you have a lot of furniture you want to haul over to your place and you want to get it done without a hassle? Something as simple as getting a tow truck or a pickup shouldn’t be an ordeal, and it’s this same concept that the people behind EN2L decided to bank on with their one of a kind app.

EN2L is the first service in Egypt that helps those in need on the road to connect with tow trucks, pickup trucks, lorries, and trucks for hauling furniture with a few swipes on their app or a quick visit to their website. Currently, their first phase of service only covers towing services for all variety of cars and motorcycles, with a fleet of 200 emergency towing vehicles. Soon to follow will be their second phase, which will roll out vehicles for heavy transport and furniture to all corners of the country. Users can pay with either cash on arrival, via credit card, or even use readily available Fawry services.

EN2L is a collaborative endeavour between Egyptian businessmen as well as others from the US and Germany, and is a registered Egyptian business with a capital rating of about EGP 50 million.

To find out more about EN2L, head to their website here, their Facebook here and get the app for Android here.