Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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5 Essentials Every Girl Should Have For An Impromptu Sahel Weekend

If you've had to miss out on unplanned trips because you have no time to prepare, check out these 5 essentials that'll make your life easier.

Staff Writer

One of the upsides of living in Egypt is that we've got a range of options for a change in scenery when we want to unwind after a long work week. These impromptu weekends usually come at a price for some of us though as certain preparations need to be made pre-unplanned trip to ensure a great weekend. That's why we've rounded up the 5 essentials to make packing easier and more efficient for that surprise weekend to Sa7el. 

 Convertible Hair Styler

What is a convertible hair styler, one may wonder. It is God's answer to every Egyptian girl's prayers when it comes to our frizzy hair. Since you won’t have time to get your hair done and you’re trying to have all your essentials at hand without overloading your bag, multi-functional hair stylers are a must have. Some of them come with a built in brush too! Those perfectly round Beyonce beach curls? No problem. But wait, what about your night out at Andiamo where you may or may not bump into your crush? Handy convertible hair styler's got you covered for that sleek, straightened hairstyle that looks like it happened naturally.  

Moisturising On The Go

With unplanned weekends - as fun as they are - comes unnecessary stress. And we all know what stress does to a woman's face...wrinkles. So don't forget your night cream which will also keep your skin moisturised. We also recommend Braun Face, which will give back that youthful glow that anxiety stole away from you. Braun Face gently exfoliates the skin, keeping it hydrated and giving it a younger look. Another perk, is that it allows for your skin to absorb the cream better. And if you've forgotten to pull off that pesky hair that grows on your chin once a month, Braun Face is also an epilator! Who knew? 

Versatile Beachwear

The bane of every girl’s existence is how small our bags seem to be when  we’re forced to make choices (because who goes to Sa7el with only one pair of shoes, that's just ghetto). When it's a quick weekend though, it's tough to fit all of our favorite shoes into one bag. Here's where investing in a pair of all occasions shoes, pays off. And those cute wedged espadrilles are coming back in style, so fashionable and efficient is what you'll go by from henceforth. Plus, wedges in general spruce up any outfit and can still be worn to the beach. For your swimming attire, we recommend the swimsuits with the detachable straps and perhaps two bottom pieces.

Quick And Efficient Hair Removal

While we’re feminists on the inside, that doesn’t mean we need to walk around looking like cave men (no judgment to those who prefer going au-naturel and we totally understand why you'd forgo the waxing segment of the pre-beach preparations). Waxing is tough to fit in a few hours before you're meant to be traveling. Luckily though, we've got a range of alternatives so keep an epilator (we recommend Silk Epil 9) always handy for when you're on the run. 

Pocket Beauty Essentials


Nobody likes ungroomed toes, especially on the beach. But since we won’t have time to make it to the salon for a quick mani-pedi, it's always a plus to have our own kit available to pick up whenever we want to indulge in some summer fun. And while you're picking up one of those nail kits from Elezaby, maybe grab a shade of your favorite polish too.

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Main image taken from CairoZoom.